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Extinguish The Sun: “Antihero” Album Review


Extinguish The Sun: “Antihero” Album Review

The well-informed may realize that Dixon, Illinois, is where President Ronald Reagan grew up, but enough about history. For today’s intents and purposes, “The Catfish Capital of Illinois” is notable because of Extinguish the Sun, purveyors of a barreling, distorted sound that packs a wallop through overdriven guitars.

The quintet released Antihero in 2017, and they deliver a set of energetic, robust tracks that recall the succinct later work of Mastodon. “Flashes” sews intriguing riffs together to create a song structure that morphs over the course of four-and-a-half minutes. “Letters” is built upon a bottomless bass groove, and “Nameless One” rides a melody that ascends and descends with crawling guitars.

Extinguish the Sun promise a new EP this year, and if Antihero is any indication, they are working to join the list of notable names  in their hometown of Dixon.

Antihero is out now! Buy it here!

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