Expulsion may be a new band name, but the faces should be familiar. The new group features apmembers of Repulsion, Exhumed, Phobia, Intronaut, and Gruesome, and they have signed on with Relapse Records for the release of their debut, Nightmare Future, due out July 14.

Check out the track listing of Nightmare Future, and listen to the first single, “Altar of Slaughter.” You can also preorder music and bundles here!

Nightmare Future Track Listing:
1. Total Human Genocide
2. Altar Of Slaughter
3. Mask Of Fear
4. Nightmare Future
5. Funeral Bells
6. Compulsions
7. Comatose

Matt Harvey – Vocals
Matt Olivo – Guitar
Danny Walker – Drums
Menno Verbaten – Bass


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