What becomes apparent right away on ExmortusRide Forth is that they not only picked up from where they left off with 2013’s Slave to the Sword, but have upped the ante a few notches as well. Their style can best be described as a blend of thrash and neo-classical with a blend of progressive death and traditional metal intertwined together. Ride Forth immediately sets the bar for what comes next and delivers on all nine tracks, clocking in at almost 44 minutes.

In a blistering, syncopated dual guitar attack, it is immediately obvious that the time Exmortus spent on the road after their last release has allowed them to hone their skills and progress even further as a band. As great as Slave to the Sword is, Ride Forth is more cohesive throughout the entire album.

“Speed of the Strike” starts things off. It is tight and technically profound and relentlessly pummels you into a non-stop barrage, leaving you eagerly waiting for what is yet to come. “Relentless” continues the assault. It starts less frantically but builds into a frenzy while the blazing guitar solo offers a slight change of pace that,coupled with a good melodic syncopated breakdown, brings you back into the fray.

As with their prior release, Exmortus have once again chosen to pay homage to those that came before them. Continuing an on-going theme, they redo a piece by Beethoven, “Piano Sonata No. 23 – Appassionata,” thought to be written between 1804 and 1805. Exmortus shred it in their own special way displaying their individual and collective prowess.

Ride Forth displays some good dynamic changes and, from a songwriting standpoint, the songs possess many similar properties which mainly lie in ferocity, but each has its own identity. Dynamically, “Black Sails” is more unique and contains some great breakdowns and features. There is some good tom work which sets a solid groove and provides a sonic texture that varies from the rest of the tracks.

Overall Ride Forth is a great release. If you were a fan of Slave to the Sword, this will give you even more to gnaw on. Suggestion? Acquire this as soon as you possibly can.

Ride Forth is out now on Prosthetic Records. Buy it here!

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Exmortus - Ride Forth


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