Exit: “Traces Of Human Existance” Album Review


Exit: “Traces Of Human Existance” Album Review

Exit, a Swiss death thrash band who formed in 1995, tend to take their time to record albums, but they never disappoint. Their upcoming fourth album, Traces Of Human Existence, is fast paced, heavy, and has a lot of killer riffs that are gonna have you wanting more.

The songwriting has a lot of different influences across subgenres that lead to some really interesting sections. In songs like “The Power The Hate The Greed.” the verse is rhythmic and heavy, but when that chorus hits, it changes into a sound that feels a lot bigger and atmospheric. It’s almost as if the verse is more death thrash and then changes in the chorus to black thrash.

The vocals are consistently killer throughout Traces Of Human Existence and even though they’re mostly screamed, even the clean sung parts like in “Empire” are really well done and fit perfectly. The lyrics don’t really have a consistent theme but they cover topics like corruption in the world and misery.

The guitar work from Beni and Mart play a really big part in what makes Exit’s sound so interesting. The riffs are all really rhythmic and work extremely well with the drums, and when they aren’t super chuggy, they have this huge sound that really brings that other dimension to the band. Even during the breakdowns they find a way to sneak in something in the guitar that boosts the sound like in “None Of Our Business.”

Exit’s Traces Of Human Existence is a combination of what makes a lot of great metal genres so great. 

Traces Of Human Existence is out June 12 on Art Gates Records. Buy it here!

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