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Punk-encrusted, grind-infused, straight-to-the-gut-crossover-metal/punk … well, I tried! I don’t know how better to explain the new split from Exhumed and Iron Reagan. Fucking sweet ear-candy might get the point across best. Both bands have a rich history in the metal/punk realms and need no introduction here, and their joint effort makes me just giddy.

Exhumed break this party open with “Gravewalker.” True to their early grindcore form, they shred it. (Side note: Clocking in at two-and-a-half minutes, this is the longest song on this 11-minute, eight song EP). The dual lead vocals are stellar!  Dead to the world is a lesson in grind and violence, and fast and brutal are the best words to describe it. Matt Harvey‘s guitar solo is very Slayer-esque and cool. The last two Exhumed songs are covers: Minor Threat‘s “Seeing Red” and Negative Approach‘s “Ready to Fight.” Both are very cool and twisted into their trademark sound.

Iron Reagan‘s four songs begin with the short, but to the point, “Life Beater.” Tony Foresta‘s (Municipal Waste) vocals are brutal here! “Gave Up On Giving a Fuck” might be the coolest song ever, reminiscent of classic punk, and laden with a cool riff and backing vocals. “Mini Lights” sounds like an ’80s Bay Area thrash song, and “Holy Water Makes Me Wet” is fast and violent.

This split is the epitome of punk and metal and the fun that the genres can exhibit. My only complaint is its length. I could have listened to this forever!

The Exhumed/Iron Reagan Split is out on Tankcrimes Records on January 7.

Rating: 4/5 stars