Exclusive Interview: John Salmon From Hogan’s Goat On Nashville And The New Album


Exclusive Interview: John Salmon From Hogan’s Goat On Nashville And The New Album

I was on my second listen of the new album by Nashville, Tennessee’s Hogan’s Goat when I immediately reached out to their “people” and asked for the chance to do an interview with them. Responding quickly and excitedly, their “people” hooked me up with the chance to speak with vocalist, John Salmon. (Thank you, Tom George!)

What I got was a half-hour conversation with a guy who is everything that is righteous and good in music. As talented as Salmon is as a vocalist and writer, he is as nice, honest, and sincere a man as you could hope to be friends with and get to know.

Brother, I have to tell you, I must have listened to the new album five times in a row yesterday! Damn, son! It’s kick-ass!
Thanks, man. I really appreciate that.

So, I have to ask … the name Hogan’s Goat?
Well, Hogan’s Goat is an old Scottish folktale about a farmer named Hogan who has this disgusting, smelly, fly-covered, one-eyed goat. And, it’s kind of a way of describing being pretty tough and ornery and feeling like crap.

I’m guessing the decision was made in the midst of alcohol and other possible recreationals?

Are you pleased with the record?
Oh, for sure. It was probably close to two years in the writing, recording, and producing. To finally have it finished and in hand is a great feeling.

You guys are based out of Nashville. Do you feel that there an inherent theme for bands there to go strictly country?
Yes, absolutely. Which is kind of why it’s been a bit of work for us to get noticed in town. Nashville really doesn’t have a hard rock scene as it were. So we end up on bills with metal bands, Americana, and country acts. Our attitude is we never stop working on this band. We aren’t just sitting back and waiting for things to happen. We have already started writing songs for the next album and we were just out putting up a couple hundred flyers for gigs.

I think what I enjoyed the most about the record is that it does seem to have so many influences. You can hear a little Mastodon, a little Clutch, and a little Guns ‘N Roses within. And, for me, I got a real early Alice Cooper Band feel out of it with the double guitar sound.
I am a huge Guns ‘N Roses fan, so thanks! I saw their first show in Vegas after they got back together. Axl was still in his cast after busting his foot, but he was amazing. I definitely think if we had been a band back in the day on the Sunset Strip, we would have been in our glory.

What’s the situation of getting out on the road and touring?
Right now, we are talking to agents about touring. Either as openers or headlining on our own.

I can imagine it’s a double edged sword of being seen by more people opening for a big name but having to do a shorter setlist as opposed to headlining on your own and possibly playing to smaller audiences but having more time onstage.

Well, if you make it to New Orleans, King Rhino will definitely do whatever he can.
Thank you, brother. That means a lot.

Hogan’s Goat‘s eponymous debut is out now. Read a review by King Rhino here, and buy the album here! 

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