Death Yell: Exclusive Interview And Full Album Stream Of “Descent Into Hell”


Death Yell: Exclusive Interview And Full Album Stream Of “Descent Into Hell”

Death Yell emerged as a South American force of blackened death metal in the late ’80s only to abruptly dissolve in the early ’90s leaving behind a demo, Vengeance from Darkness. Praise be to Hades they are back and are releasing a proper studio debut, Descent into Hell, this week on Hells Headbangers. King Rhino recently reviewed the album, and he jumped at the chance to catch up with the band via email for an exclusive interview. We are proud to offer you a little something extra with this interview, too. We are premiering a full stream of the Descent into Hell in advance of its August 15 release below!

Congratulations on the upcoming release of Descent into Hell! It is simply one off the best albums of Death Yell - Logo2017 so far! So, it took more than 20 years for you to release your debut album. Feel good to finally get it out?
First of all, thanks a lot for the compliments. We are pleased that you enjoyed our album! Of course it feels very good to have this release finally out! It is a mixed sensation, really. In one side we feel satisfied about the album itself and especially about what Death Yell fans are feeding back to us! All good so far! In the other hand it feels a bit weird. Twenty years looks like a long time really. How could we have been so lazy? I guess it was time to show that Death Yell is more than our old Vengeance from Darkness demo.

You first came together in the late ’80s, split up for a number of years, and are now back together with a new record. How are you the same and how are you different between then and now?
We are clearly older and fatter. When we split up we were youngsters in our 20s. Our main interests then were to play metal, drink, and have sex! Well, now it is quite the same … but we also have some additional worries now, like paying our bills and raising our kids. We are normal people with standard jobs and responsibilities as well, as most of our older fans. I guess metal is what allows us to keep ourselves alive, for real!

Descent into Hell sounds like it’s being played and sung by a band in their 20s. Feel pretty good that you can still kickass at this age?
Thanks for reminding us how old we are! Sure, as we told you, we are older, fatter, and have no much hair as we used to, but in the very deep of our souls we are still those untidy youngsters which are reflected in our particular style when making music. It is important to mention that all what you hear in Descent into Hell was made without any intention of being like that or sounding like this. We wrote the songs as we just felt and liked!

Have any favorite tracks off the album?
Not an easy question as all songs are quite different; they either were made under a particular circumstance or have a special story behind. In addition, we believe one of the characteristics of our particular style is that none of our songs looks like another. We can go from absolute chaotic blasting sound to a rhythmic swinging melody without feeling any complexity. We do not feel tied to any particular style.

Do you feel that South American metal bands have developed their own sound and style over the years?
Death Yell - PentagramMaybe in the beginning, when communications and music trading were not as fast and easy as now (in the Internet era), the South American bands developed a very particular style, quite raw and direct (thinking in bands like Holocausto, Pentagram, old Sepultura, Vulcano, etc.). Today it is not easy to notice where a band is coming from, as influences come and go without any boundaries and equipment is more accessible worldwide. Then you can hear South American bands sounding like Nordic or U.S. bands or the other way around.

Bands that influenced you?
All the good old ones, from Black Sabbath, Venom, and Motorhead to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest. Later we heard bands like Death, Mayhem, Slayer, Kreator, Possessed. I guess we caught a bit of each.

This album must be performed live in its entirety! Tour plans? Most importantly, will you make it to America?
We are willing to play this album live as much as we can. We will start in September with an intimate concert for a few friends in Santiago, then we will be making some shows in Chile. We are also having some discussions to play in Mexico, Peru, and U.S., but nothing is set yet, so please promoters contact us. We want to go to America and Europe next year.

Thanks again, Death Yell from King Rhino and everyone at!
Thank you King Rhino and SkullsnBones staff! We appreciate a lot that you and allows us to be closer to our fans worldwide. We are back from the depths only for them. Stay brutal!

Listen an exclusive stream of the new Death Yell album, Descent into Hell, now, and buy the album from Hell’s Headbangers Records!

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