Exclusive Interview With Derek Engemann Of Scour


Exclusive Interview With Derek Engemann Of Scour

Back in February, I was able to catch the live debut of metal supergroup Scour here in New Orleans, and it was a mind-blowing experience. So, to be able to spend some time chatting with their guitarist Derek Engemann was an absolute butt-load of fun.

Scour formed back in 2015,and features Phil Anselmo, John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer), Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation), Jesse Schobel (Strong Intention), and Chase Fraser (Animosity). They recently released their new EP, Red, a follow-up to their first release, Gray.

Derek! Kudos on the Red EP!
]Thanks, man.

I definitely think it’s a natural progression from the first record….
Yes. It still has the feeling we wanted the first to convey and kind of expanded on it.

I can imagine the logistics of recording it must have been difficult in that you guys all have full time commitments to your other bands.
Yeah, no kidding. But, we all found the time to make things happen so we’re pretty happy with what came out.

I have to imagine it’s a real treat to work with Mr. Anselmo.
For sure! The Big Man is a monster in the studio. But, you know… When Phil calls… You jump to it.

Now, you play bass in Cattle Decapitation but guitar in Scour. Is it hard for you to switch instruments like that?
No, not really. I actually consider myself a guitar player first, which is funny that I play bass full-time in CD.

Do you find yourself playing guitar more on your downtime as opposed to picking up a bass?
Most definitely.

I happened to be lucky enough to catch Scour’s first live performance here in New Orleans. Must have been pretty satisfying to finally get onstage with everyone and have an audience.
Absolutely and it was amazing. That was a killer show and the audience couldn’t have been more positive and supportive of us.

Now, you’re currently on the road with Cattle Decapitation, right?
Yeah. In fact, we’re in Texas right now and the show we had booked was cancelled so we’re now scrambling to find someplace else to play tonight.

The joys of being a rock road dog.
No shit!

So, I have to ask: where did the name Scour come from?
Well, it’s kind of a play on “scowl,” you know? Phil is known for having a perpetual scowl on his face, and it just kind of grew from scowl to scour.

So, it’s not in relation to scouring a bathtub with Comet?

Are there plans for some live Scour dates?
Definitely. We have one festival date in Europe booked and we’re hoping the planets align between all our other bands downtime to get out and do some Scour shows.

So, what’s your downtime like? Family guy?
Well, I have a girlfriend and we live outside of San Diego. So, when I’m not on the road, it’s nice to just be home with her and relax.

Well, thank you very much on behalf of SkullsnBones and here’s hoping there’s a great deal more Scour in the future.
No, thank you guys. And, you will definitely be getting more from Scour as soon as possible.

Scour‘s Red EP is out now on Housecore Records. Read our review here, and buy it here!

Scour - Red EP - Cover