Evile, Skull

Evile will release, Skull on May 28th via Earache Records!  Evile is one of those bands I love the overall sound of.  These guys are great players and don’t deny their Metallica-esq roots when it comes to general style, but they make it their own and I like how it turns out.  I haven’t heard this record yet but I am definitely looking forward to the next step in their musical evolution, especially after hearing what their drummer has to say about it:

Drummer Ben Carter on the cover artwork & title: “Evile are proud as hell to reveal the title and artwork for our fourth studio album on Earache Records, which is to be entitled ‘SKULL’.  We’d like to extend our thanks to Eliran Kantor for his amazing artistic representation of our original concept, which we’ll reveal further details of in the coming weeks.  Our fans can expect this album to be a return to our thrashier roots, as well as exploring new ground in typical Evile form.  We’ve always said we want to progress and move forward in everything we do, and this album is no exception.  We’re so amazed with everything Russ Russell and ourselves have produced, and can’t wait for it to be released upon the masses!  Watch this space for more updates and album details.  SKULL is coming…  SKULL AWAITS YOUR SOUL!!!

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