Evergrey: “The Atlantic” Album Review

Formed in 1993, Evergrey are a prominent Swedish progressive metal act who proudly deliver their latest release, The Atlantic, in the tail-end of January. It is the third album of a trilogy that began in 2014 with Hymns for the Broken followed by 2016’s The Storm Within.

The Atlantic has a definite fierceness to it and is described by vocalist Tom Englund as: “It’s about relationships, beauty and darkness, about fortune and grief, about love, hate, despair, joy and everything connected with it. Life is like a journey across the ocean, on the way to distant shores.”

From the opening song “A Silent Arc” to the closer “This Ocean” you are on a journey through these emotions that rise and flow over you, much like the ocean it is named for. Labyrinthine and cerebral, their music reflects a strong almost chemical bond among the members. Featuring exceptional instrumental performances and intensely grooving guitar work, the songs are driving, focused and momentous.

Never at a loss for ideas musically or compositionally, there are times that The Atlantic feels overwhelming and perhaps a little bloated as they embed so much as a whole on one album. However, Evergrey maintain the atmosphere cultivated with heavy transitions and a warm production that makes it “digestible” to the ears. It is a rich, genuinely unique work.

The Atlantic is out January 25 on AFM Records. Buy it here!

Evergrey - The Atlantic - Promo

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