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Enterfire: “Slave Of Time” Album Review


Enterfire: “Slave Of Time” Album Review

Brother Jamie just sent me a new band and album to check out for our promotion with the boys of Steel Panther, a band from England who go by the moniker of Enterfire. Cool name, right? So, within about 30 seconds of watching one of their videos, a question came into my head: “Why the fuck are these guys not fucking superstars?” Sweet Jesus In The Mini-Mart … the fact that the world doesn’t know about this band is a crime against humanity.

Though they are based in England, Enterfire have some roots and connections to the beautiful country of Greece, which once again proves my theory that Greece is hiding some of the most killer hard rock and metal bands in the world. Maybe it’s the ouzo and baklava … who knows. Led by guitarist/vocalist, Niki B, Enterfire are one of the sharpest bands I have heard in a very long time. The production value on Slave of Time is through the roof, and the songwriting and execution is right up there with the best bands performing today. They can thrash like early Metallica and Megadeth, you know, when Hetfield and Mustaine still had fire in their bellies.

Released in 2018, Slave of Time is one of those records that gives listeners every penny’s worth. All killer, no filler, with tracks like “Slave of Time,” “Freaking Out,” “A Thousand Voices” and “Weapon of Broken Dreams” being more than songs. These are heavy metal anthems. I’d be remiss to not mention by name the other members who make up Enterfire (I know they will want to send this review to their parents to prove they are not wasting their lives in a rock band.) Loakeim Aktinoudis, rhythm guitarist, may be the youngest member but he is an MVP. The kid has chops like a butcher. Drummer Nick Thivaios beats his drums like a silver-back gorilla pounding his chest on top of a jungle mountain. And, on bass and backing vocals, Mr. Webster thunks the most fluid coiled snake rhythms you have heard in a very long time.

I predict the summer of 2020 will see Enterfire onstage at some of the biggest festivals in Europe. And, remember, you heard it from King Rhino first!

Slave of Time is out now! Buy it here!

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