Enslaved Release Music Video For “Storm Son”


Enslaved Release Music Video For “Storm Son”

Enslaved have become synonymous with mind-melting metal. Their sonic experiments become more rich with each release, and reached a new pinnacle with 2015’s 
In Times. They will return with their a 14th full-length album, simply titled E, on October 13 on Nuclear Blast Records, and the buzz is swirling in anticipation of its release.

Heshers now have the first taste of the music from E with the release of the music video for “Storm Son.” Guitarist Ivar writes:

“Storm Son” deals with the duality of man and nature, how important and basic that relationship is. Everything we do and create are imitations of nature; as we evolved from nature, that is how it must be – yet modern man thinks he and she is independent of nature, that we somehow are so superior that we do not have to take nature into consideration other than as a backdrop for shitty movies. Or festivals. Losing touch with nature is basically to lose touch with being human.

The video for “Storm Son” was designed by Josh Graham who previously worked with Soundgarden and Neurosis.

Pre-order packages of E are now available via Nuclear Blast.