Ensiferum fans rejoice! Over the weekend the Finnish folk metallers announced that they will be releasing their new album, “One Man Army,” on February 24th via Metal Blade Records! This will be the band’s sixth studio album, and after the massive success they had with “Unsung Heroes,” I expect nothing but more greatness with the new material! According to Sami Hinkka, that’s exactly what is coming! Here’s what he said, “Hi folks! We are extremely proud to announce that the album is 100% done! The recording session was incredible experience for us. We can’t express our gratitude enough for Mr. Anssi Kippo, who never lost his nerves, was full of crazy ideas and worked like a madman for weeks! The shortest working day was 12 hours and the average was around 16 hours! After all “blood, sweat and tears” it feels great to tell you that the result for years of hard composing and weeks of intense recordings is without a doubt the best Ensiferum album song- and soundwise. Material is pretty diverse and each song tells a tale of it’s own instead of being a crappy copy of previous song so no fillers included. Next week we go record the new music video, but that’s another story… Stay tuned!

You heard him! Stay tuned, but start getting excited now! New Ensiferum is on it’s way!


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