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Earl Maneein Discusses The seven)suns Pantera Cover!


Earl Maneein Discusses The seven)suns Pantera Cover!

seven)suns unveiled their incredible Pantera tribute last week, and the clip already has over 10,000 views thanks to love from all of the metal sites. The string quartet masterfully covered “This Love” and “Domination“, and proved that yes, strings can be metal. Leading that thought process, and seven)suns, is Earl Maneein, who I’m privileged enough to call a friend. So after having my mind blown by this clip, I wanted to find out more on this project, the cover, and what they have in store for the future. Check out excerpts of our chat below, as well as the much talked about video! If you haven’t seen it yet, WATCH IT!

Metal Mark- Briefly describe the history of seven)suns, and how it came together.

Earl Maneein– Well, seven)suns is a direct descendant of resolution15, my metal band that dissolved some months back. In resolution15, I wanted to make music fully within metal and hardcore using the instrument I play best and explore what that meant. The question was, “Can the violin which is usually thought of as a classical instrument really play metal in an authentic way, and not in some kind of bullshit fake smoke and mirrors way?” I think I answered that question pretty well- it can. In that role, I believe I was one of a few (Lyris Hung of Hung being another) who pioneered and advocated for the violin as truly a brutal instrument in it’s own right which fully deserved a primary place in metal. seven)suns is the mirror image of resolution15. I intend to bring metal and hardcore into the performing arts realm, and the question we are trying to answer is, “Can the ethic and spirit of metal and hardcore survive when it is brought into the performing arts world?” I also think so, but we are a new group, so I suppose that remains to be seen. In light of that question, we play versions of resolution15 songs, as well as new compositions by Kenny (drummer of resolution15) and me, and other works of the new music classical canon that I think fit the spirit of metal and hardcore.

MM- When did you have the idea of covering Pantera, and how did you choose the songs?

EM- That idea was all Tim Strohsnitter‘s from Jefferson Avenue Productions. We asked him to be put on the bill with The Empire Shall Fall, and one of his conditions was that we cover a Pantera song. So I sat down and figured out which songs of theirs would actually be translatable into a string quartet format.

MM- What was the most challenging part of it?

EM- Figuring out which songs translated into string quartet format. Some songs, like “Drag the Waters“, or “Throes of Rejection” are fucking badass songs, but ultimately don’t cross over very well. It took a little while to figure that out because everything Dime did was so godlike.

MM- Being from resolution15, you obviously have the metal background, but how did the others react when you wanted to approach this cover?

EM- It was not an issue at all, because of our mission statement- we’re bringing metal and hardcore to the suits, so they all knew what they were getting into (laughs).

MM- Do you have plans for any more metal covers in the future?

EM- Absolutely! I’m thinking of something by Lamb of God, Meshuggah, or Gojira

MM- If people want to hear more about seven)suns, where should they go?

EM- We have a Facebook page, a YouTube Channel, and our website is! Thanks!

Enjoy this Pantera cover over and over and over and over again!