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Dying Fetus: “Wrong One To Fuck With” Album Review


Dying Fetus: “Wrong One To Fuck With” Album Review

Delivering one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2017, Dying Fetus don’t disappoint with Wrong One To Fuck With. For starters, it’s an absolutely killer title for an album! It’s easy to see and hear why Dying Fetus are one of the best death metal bands in ‘Murica. This album is an absolute scrotum-ripper!

Wrong One To Fuck With may quite possibly be one of the Top 25 Metal Albums of 2017. It has absolutely everything a death metal fan looks for in an album: kick-ass playing, guttural vocals that sound like they are being belched up from the bowels of hell, and, a production that pummels the listener in the earholes and brain thingy.

Dying Fetus have a major new fan here with this album. I will definitely be going back and listening to their earlier catalog to see just what I have been dumb enough to be missing all these years.

Wrong One To Fuck With is out now on Relapse Records. Buy it here!

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