As every metal head knows, if there is one metal bar in the world, it’s Duff’s Brooklyn. From the amazing metal collection covering the walls to the blasting music from the jukebox, and the occasional band stopping in for drinks after a show, it’s the place to be. As for us at SkullsNBones, you can find us there almost every weekend! It’s a true place for metal heads to gather, bang your head to tunes, and drink until your liver can’t take no more!

We are back today with a new Duff’s Brooklyn Monthly Shot and this one is special! Jimmy Duff shares his thoughts on his favorite front men of all time! This list is hard to argue with! Check it out below!

OK, top 10 front men of all time – I will define front man as a true front man, meaning someone who does not play an instrument. Instead of “The Best,” let’s just say that these are my favorites, in alphabetical order


Phil Anselmo – “Cowboys through Driven, he was top notch. A considerable range along with his high energy antics helped push Pantera to legend status. Hard living and back problems have taken a toll, but he still owns the stage. That’s something that can’t be taught or learned. Phil is still The Man.


Danzig – “The nickname Evil Elvis says it all. Some people just love to fuckin’ hate on this guy, but the bottom line is: he has a killer, unique voice, and is responsible for alotta music that WE like. 1 demerit for his habit of pulling away the mic before the verse is finished. Bonus OR Demerit: You can thank him or blame him for VOLBEAT (I say thank).


Ronnie James Dio – “Metal Royalty. He never warmed up before a show, no matter. Every time I ever saw him he was freakin’ flawless, even whilst sick with the cancer that would ultimately take his life. Bonus points for being the nicest guy. Ever. No shit. Long live DIO.


Bruce Dickinson – “I’m definitely not a fan of his big mouth, shit talking on stage at times, but credit must given where credit is due – His vocals are a bit diminished with age, but onstage, as a performer, he might even be better at age 54 than he ever was. A pretty amazing feat.


Halford – “In his prime, was inhuman, hitting glass shattering high notes effortlessly, and with a very cool, and often overlooked, midrange. Single handedly invented the leather & spikes look. Don’t forget the Harley. Yes, better than Dickinson in his prime.


Liberace – “Just checking to see if you’re paying attention.

Freddie Mercury – “See: Live Aid, 1985 above. Next.


Henry Rollins – “A beast. Saw him 3 times with Black Flag, right up against the stage ( twice with Saint Vitus, and once with Sisters Of Mercy (!?) ). The Rollins Band was pure dreck, but HR in the Black Flag era was fucking killer. A big influence on another guy on the list, one Phil Anselmo.


David Lee Roth – “Yeah, some of his schtick is scripted, but back in the day, Diamond Dave brought the party. You wouldn’t want to spend more than 10 minutes alone with the guy in person, lol, but onstage, he’s havin’ a blast and drags you right along into it. Some royalty points should be paid to Jim “Dandy” Mangrum, but not a whole lot since most people don’t know who he is.


Bon Scott – “The soul of AC/DC, this tattooed (when tattoos actually meant something) hard living/drinking Scot was the genuine article. Not many singers could share a stage with Angus Young and totally hold their own like he did.


Dee Snyder – “A non stop dynamo, he single handedly carried TS to the top back in the 80’s without any guitar hero help, or any other real discernable personalities in the band. Lemmy himself has called Dee “The best front man I’ve ever seen”. Case rested.


Bonus #11 : Steven Tyler – “I wasn’t a huge fan of Aerosmith back in the day, until I managed to squeeze my way up to the front of an Aerosmith show at Giants Stadium back in 1988. Tyler was was totally fucking outrageous. Wow, what a performer. Another one in a million.


No OZZY ??!?! – “Nope. I as much as I love The Ozzman, he can’t compete with the list above. His contributions to Metal are immeasurable, but onstage, you’ve never seen a more uncomfortable, bumbling performer. That IS part of his charm though, and I DO enjoy it, so for that he can get an “Honorable Mention.

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