As every metal head knows, if there is one metal bar in the world, it’s Duff’s Brooklyn, and now it’s official! Duff’s Brooklyn has been named “Best Metal Bar” of 2013 by Village Voice! So it’s time to celebrate! This edition of Duff’s Brooklyn’s Monthly Shot includes a thank you note from the owner Jimmy, along with several quotes from patrons from around the world! If you’ve never been before, here are more reasons why you should go…TODAY!

From Jimmy Duff– “Duff’s has been awarded “Best Metal Bar” in NYC by the Village Voice in their 2013 Best of NYC issue. We also copped “Best Jukebox” in the Voice’s reader’s choice awards. We’ll give ourselves an award for “Best Customers in NYC”, for the people who make it all possible – Thank you!!

Jason Lekberg/IKILLYA: “I’ve been to the Rainbow in LA, metal bars in Scandinavia and all over the place and I have yet to find any other bar that even comes close to Duffs. It was built and is operated by a true music fan for true music fans. It is covered, floors and ceilings, in memorabilia and amazing items. If you enjoy heavy music you will enjoy just standing in Duffs – not to mention the awesome bartenders, killer jukebox and kick ass patrons. It is simply the best bar in the world.

Damien Mitchell/Photographer/Long Time Regular: “Jimmy Duff is the man. He’s an ordained minister and has married people in his establishment. He has created the Rock ‘n’ Roll epicenter of New York City and branded his name into a world-wide recognizable trademark. Those of us who have been regulars at Duffs consider it so much more then a killer award-winning dive bar, it’s our clubhouse! The last 7 years represents the second coming of, “another back in the day” in my life I hope to be able to look back on it in another 20 years with a sense nostalgia if I’m still here…Peter Steele of Type-O-Negative. An eleven-song jam session with Robb Flynn, Alex Skolnick, Paul Booth, Jimmy Kimmel, Evan Rachael Wood, Jasmin St. Claire, – members of so many bands and assorted celebrities are regulars that represent some great memories along with people from all over the world who make a pilgrimage every December to see the iconic images that cover the walls that create the ultimate music, horror, sci/fi collage with some sexy babes in the mix! Duffs Brooklyn has the potential to become as iconic as CBGB’s and the rainbow in LA! Long live Duffs – Damien Mitchell – RIP Nightcrawler.

Brett/Atlanta Honorary Resident: “Duffs, Metal Mecca. Where to start is a tough one, but lets take it to a time every patron can remember loud & clear like it was yesterday. Your first time walking through that glorious Slayer & Watian covered door. What happens after that you will remember forever… I’ll never forget my first time, I couldn’t hardly speak out of pure joy and excitement, my friends just stood back and took it all in, they knew what was coming when I got there. The reaction of a true metalhead walking in Duff’s for the first time is magical and is by far the best part of this place. I don’t know how to put it any other way. The display of history & love for this art is unmatched by anyplace I have ever been or even seen in print or tv. When you walk in you are surrounded by everything you have ever wanted to see, touch, and feel and sadly sometimes smell. The pure excitement that comes over you when you realize that this place is real and these people are real is like no other. It truly is the Metal Mecca. My last visit a few months ago I had the absolute privilege of witnessing one of these moments, Black Sabbath after party and walks in two guys from DC. One was a returning guest and the other, you guessed it, a rookie on his first assignment. His jaw almost hit the floor in amazement at what he saw, and it gets better. I promise you this, he walked around for at least an hour not speaking a single word. Just looking at everything, reading up on all the irreplaceable items, taking it all in. In his highest moment of excitement all he could do was point and grunt. We all knew what he was trying to say, as we have all been there before. Finally when his exploration was done all he could talk about was how special this place is and how he has never had an experience like that in his life before. When you read about it just know this. It is that good, and your missing out if you don’t drop in once in a wile. Even if you are not a metalhead you can appreciate this place for what it is, an incredibly special place to the community it serves. A truly unique and one of a kind establishment that means the world to its guests, new and old. And above all else don’t be a pussy and spin that wheel, I did.

Max R. Sequeira/ Photographer Badass: “Duff’s….it’s one of those places you go with intentions of getting one drink, and wind up staying til close. At least a good handful of us can agree it’s almost like that old show Cheers, but with a Heavy Metal twist. Frequenters of this establishment all have great stories about unique experiences following the ongoing theme of “never a dull moment.” You really don’t know what to expect sometimes, and the day that a unicorn comes in for a dog biscuit has probably already happened.(some random dude learned not to play leapfrog that night) I have stories galore, but I’d like to share one about that $3 Spin the Wheel. I used to brag about Spin the Wheel Prizes, shirts, top shelf drinks, Jesus Juice…, but that ended swiftly after “winning” a Coney Island Whitefish shot once upon a time. The good news is there’s no actual seafood in the drink. Overall this place is legendary and if you swing by, you’ll see the birthing of legends, legends becoming true , and some legends… coming in for a drink.

Sam RoonSkullsNBones.com Founder(That now resides in Finland): “If you’re looking for the home base of metal music in New York City, you’ve found it! Duff’s is the cultural center of the heavy music scene in the city and it’s only fitting that they win an award crowning them “Best Metal Bar.” Bad-ass bar owner… check. Hot chicks… check. Cheap booze… check. Loud music… check. Metalheads rocking the fuck out… check. If you’re a metalhead seeking a good time, look no further, you are home. (Disclaimer: you will wake up with a hangover because for some reason you thought it was a good idea to let the bartender pour half a bottle of whiskey down your throat).

Dirt Junior – L.A. Photography Mad Man: “From the first time I ever walked into Duff’s in Brooklyn and the bartender asked me “Are you Dirt??’ to getting a call from the owner himself the next night,and to meeting the coolest east coast metal heads, I KNEW this was my Metal Graceland of bars. With metal as fuck decor and the awesome bartenders, this BAR is a must for all true metal heads across the country. And this is coming from a dude who has lived in Los Angeles for almost 30 years. DUFFS RULES!!! (just remember to prepare your liver..lol)

Jö SchüftanHornsUpRocks.com Founder: “There is only one place for Horns Up Rocks’ anniversary parties and that’s Duffs Brooklyn!!! Jimmy Duff has always been extremely supportive to the entire Heavy Music community, which is why everyone calls him a friend and tend to want to buy him a drink at his own bar! Legends are born at Duff’s thanks to the legitimacy behind every aspect of the bar! God and the devil both have an open tab at Duff’s and can be seen hanging together in harmony once the bar “closes”. I personally consider Duff’s a staple of New York City culture, which is why I always bring my out of town visiting friends over to the bar. Somehow, I always end up dragging them out at the wee hours of the morning!

Metal ArmadaDuff’s Brooklyn is a metalhead’s dream bar!!! This place is a particularly great fucking place to go to after a show in New York City gets out, and you’re not done partying. Their jukebox is packed with classic and new metal, so you hear everything you love every time you step into the place. I highly recommend spinning the wheel as well! Oh and did I mention, HOT babes behind the bar serving shots, of which Fireball is a must! Basically, this bar is full of great souvenirs, memorabilia and dark artwork to admire for hours. So if you’re coming to New York City, stop in at Duff’s Brooklyn! Jimmy Duff is an extremely awesome host, so it’s impossible to have a bad time!

Rob – Barback Wizard for many years AKA A.C. Slater : “It’s too hard to put one of the many stories about Duff’s into just four or five sentences. Instead I’ll tell you what Duff’s is about and why it’s important. Duff’s is one of the only havens for the underground & old school metal scene in all of New York City. And when I say, “one of” I’m not even talking about ten places, there are only a few. It’s kind of like a club where regulars can get together to talk about metal, the scene, bands they like, shows they’re going to, and of course to listen to great music. Jim Duff realized an important key to being a good DJ or party music mixer: You can’t just play music that you personally like – and even though a metal bar is by definition a pretty niche outlet, the rest of the key is variety (including a little stuff besides metal, believe it or not!), good music that people haven’t heard, and remembering great songs that a lot of people forgot they love, but they remember when they hear it! People from the scene (professional bands, music industry people, writers etc.) come by too and it’s a cool add on but it’s not important to drive Duff’s. Anyone can play metal music but if you don’t have the depth & breadth of knowledge, the taste in knowing what’s good vs. what’s bad, and the history of being into underground metal from the start you just can’t be the same. Other places can still be pretty good but no other place is like Duff’s, there can be only one.

Metal Mark – Bar Drunk/Employee – “Last year I left my friends, family and everything behind in Atlanta to move to New York City. Since day one, Duff’s Brooklyn has been a second home to me, and it’s given me the best memories of my time here so far. Waking up wondering what the hell happened the night before is a weekend tradition now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Jimmy is a true brother in metal and in life, and somehow he got me to work there too. So come fuck with me working on Saturday nights, and join in my tradition of booing Ghost on the jukebox. As for other nights, come drink your face off with me. Who knows? I may sit in a pink child’s chair, headbang till my blood is on the table, or puke just to fit more alcohol in my stomach(All true stories). It’s the Metal Mecca for a reason! Enough said!

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