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I will say this about Drunk Dad: Ripper Killer sounds like they took the Red Fang formula, added a healthy dose of Cokegoat hypnosis, poured in some chaotic punk rock fury, and called it good. There’s a Nirvana comparison to make, too, since the vocals are extremely Kurt Cobain influenced.

“Light A Fire” ends with a discordant freakout reminiscent of Daughters’ self-titled record, the drums on “S.O.U.” feel like Brann Dailor from Mastodon guested on the track, and even though the title track is almost eight minutes long, it pulls an Isis and flies by because you get lost in the repetition of the instruments. If it feels like this review is just turning into a huge “This sounds like…” list, that’s not really an accident. Drunk Dad reminds me of a lot of rad bands.

The thing is, I could come up with the most comprehensive list ever and it still wouldn’t come close to touching what the record actually sounds like. I can’t really justify the existence of “Worthless,” which is just three-and-a-half minutes of noise (not the good kind), but even taking that into account, if you enjoy any of the bands I listed above, Ripper Killer is about to become one of your favorite albums. I can’t imagine Portland, Oregon, is gonna be able to hold Drunk Dad within its city limits for very much longer.

Ripper Killer is out now on Eolian Empire.

Rating: 4/5 Stars