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Dream Tröll: “Second To None” Album Review


Dream Tröll: “Second To None” Album Review

Dream Tröll have strong elements of ’80s rock/metal, and I’m talking about very early ’80s metal. Second to None is like listening to a soundtrack from an ’80s adventure movie. Unfortunately, the album doesn’t really stir anything up in me. Perhaps it is because I lean more to the extreme sounds of heavy metal; shit that scares your neighbors.

Dream Tröll manage to harness an AOR sound into their melodies and perhaps a hint of prog on some of their longer tracks. Songs like “Steel Winged Warrior” and “The Art of Death” are very much lightweight, and the rest of the album is repetitive. Perhaps Second to None sounds a little “too produced” and could benefit from a tinge of rawness. I would, however, be interested in seeing what their live set offers.

Second to None is out now. Buy it here!

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