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Draghkar: “Eternal Abyss” Album Review


Draghkar: “Eternal Abyss” Album Review

Draghkar exhibit very competent compositional skills, utterly obliterating those all too numerous who pick up a guitar and think they can play death metal. They put their egos at bay to serve the fans, much like good musicians should. Eternal Abyss, their newest release, is a compilation of their material since their formation in California in 2016.

From the utter rawness of the first track to the bloody end, it’s a thrashy pile-driver hammering into our souls and wrenching out our entrails. The title track doesn’t take us in different directions, and goddammit, that’s just how we like it. It rears its ugly head in a more old-school form of death metal, and damn, does it kick tumultuous ass. The guitars rapidly spray their energy as the vocals hoarsely scream and slice their way into our already bleeding eardrums. The speed can be rabid at times, hurtling towards an abysmal oblivion, but Draghkar neatly reign it in at precise moments.

Eternal Abyss is as bludgeoning as it is tuneful and simply centers on excellent ferocity.

Eternal Abyss is out March 22 on Horror Pain Gore Death. Buy it here!

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