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Doyle: “II: As We Die” Album Review


Doyle: “II: As We Die” Album Review

Legendary Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is no stranger to the horror metal realm.  His contributions to the genre via his original band are remarkable, and his first release, Abominator, is a delicious slab to chew on.

II:As We Die is a continuation of Abominator and contains 13 more tracks of slashing riffs that range from heavy-as-hell to slightly melodic. Alex Story of Cancerslug once again handles the vocals duties, and his performance does not disappoint. “Kiss Me As We Die” opens the album up in a frantic pace, and it builds to a magical, melodic chorus that is both cool and haunting. “Beast Like Me” is a bit more heavy and dark but keeps the pace at a high level. “God of Flies” opens with a heavy riff, and then rolls into a chunky sing-along with Story showing his ferocity. “Run For Your Life” brings a more classic metal feel, although it never relinquishes the dark horror aura that only Doyle can summon. “Witchcraft” has a dark blues feel, like it rolled out of the sewers of New Orleans. Story’s clean vocals in the verses and the Misfits-like melodic chorus make this a perfect song. “Virgin Sacrifice,” featuring Lamb of God‘s Randy Blythe on guest vocals, is the heaviest song here. His clean vocals are cool as hell and the chorus will stay in your head for months on end. “Blood On The Axe” is fast paced all out riff-fest, and the mid-section slows to a pummeling, chug. “Night Of Sin” takes the album out in blistering fashion.

II: As We Die is a perfect example of modern metal. Doyle has a reputation to uphold and he does an amazing job doing just that with this release.  If you can’t get into this album, you are either dead or deaf!

II: As We Die is out now on Monsterman Records. Buy it here!

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