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“The Monsterman” is back!

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein‘s contributions to modern metal and punk cannot be mistaken, and he has finally taken things into his own hands and put his own brand of creepy metal on disc for all of us to hear. Although he has released other material with Gorgeous Frankenstein, Abominator  epitomizes all that Doyle is know for.  Growing up on Misfits, he, Glenn Danzig, and the rest of the band played a huge part in my musical tastes early on. I can’t tell you how elated I am to see him back in such strong form.  I got to see him live as part of the Danzig‘s 25th Anniversary tour this summer, and he dominates the stage with his presence.  Those Misfits songs sounded as good as ever, too.

Doyle has assembled quite the crew for Abominator.  Alex Story (Cancerslug) is featured on vocals, Left Hand Graham on bass, and his former Misfits bandmate, Dr. Chud, on drums. Abominator weaves through a dark, metal-infused cemetery tour at midnight.  The title track opener is a burner, exclaiming, “You will pray for death,” right off the bat.  It’s awesome!  When I first heard this, I thought about Rob Zombie but without all the electronics and samples. It’s just go-for-the-throat metal!  The album has it’s share of catchy tunes, too. “Learn To Bleed,” “Dreamingdeadgirls,” “CemetarySexx” and the killer “Valley of the Shadows” will leave you thirsting for more. They are true fist pumpers to say the least. “Mark of the Beast” and “Hope Hell is Warm” are dark metal classics in the making. “Hope Hell is Warm” is my favorite on the album.  It just breathes contempt.

Doyle makes a strong statement here with Abominator.

Abominator is out now on Doyle‘s Monsterman Records.

Rating: 4/5 stars