Album Review: Downpour, “Downpour”

I will always have a penchant for New England-based metal. Perhaps its because our harsh climate adds teeth to a genre bursting at the seams with endless talent.

Hailing from Massachusetts are Downpour, featuring members from Unearth and Shadows Fall, who deliver a self-titled debut that blends varied metal interests into a seriously fucking potent album. Originally recorded over a four month period in 2015, it has been waiting for the ripe time to be released. We have guitarist Matt LeBrenton, who is indescribably amazing, and Pete Gelles on bass, who is equally domineering of his craft. Add the sharp vocals of Brian Fair (Shadows Fall) and the massive drumming skills of Derek Kerswill (Unearth, Seemless), and we have an album of enigmatic pure heaviness.

Check out “The Serpent’s Tongue” with its militaristic drumming, apocalyptic riffs, anarchic speed, crushing breakdowns and a nod to a hardcore in the vocals. Blistering and ferocious is “Astral Projection,” which defines the versatility of Downpour. It ebbs and flows in its somewhat downtuned thickness and of particular note is the badass percussion.

The entire record is crystal clear and punches you in the gut with razor sharp fretwork, pummeling low-end and tight drums. It’s the perfect time for this release.

Downpour is out now on Noize in the Attic Records. Buy it here!

Downpour - Downpour - Promo

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