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DOWN Gives A New Update On Their Next EP!

What's the latest on DOWN's next EP?

DOWN Gives A New Update On Their Next EP!

The almighty DOWN announced back in 2011 that, instead of a new album, they will be releasing a set of EP’s in the coming years, and so far they have delivered! The first two EP’s, “Down IV- Part 1 & 2“, were awesome, but when can we expect the new one? In a recent interview with Loudwire, Pepper Keenan said they “got to get ready to work on the next Down EP” this year, so that’s a good sign right? Today we have more exciting news from the DOWN crew! Jimmy Bower & Bobby Landgraf was asked about the upcoming EP in the interview below, and they answered: “We’re trying to knock it out one a year, is what we’re trying to do. So this next one, we should be trying to writing it…when we get finished with these tours. This tour, and SUPERJOINT is going out, so we’ll be back together in NOLA probably in November or December. It’s coming out, though. We’ve gotta finish writing it, but it’s coming out sooner than the other ones were. Yeah, because it’s an EP set, so we’re trying to get ’em all in.

SICK! It sounds like the writing will definitely happen later this year, and if the metal Gods are kind, that means the new DOWN EP should be coming sometime next year! GET READY!