Doro Talks About Working With Amon Amarth!

Amon Amarth released “Jomsviking” to the masses last month, and as Jason said in his 5/5 review, “they prove that their own trademark sound can remain fresh from album to album.” Each track on this record is absolutely killer, but “A Dream That Cannot Be” is one that definitely stands out to me. When I first heard that Doro would be making an appearance on the Amon Amarth album, I was pumped! The Metal Queen and the vikings?! What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing! “A Dream That Cannot Be” is one of the most powerful tracks on the album, and Doro absolutely kills it!

What was it like in the studio? How did this idea even come about? Is this too much awesome on one song? Find out below from the “Metal Queen” herself!


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