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Doombringer: “Walpurgis Fires” Album Review


Doombringer: “Walpurgis Fires” Album Review

With a career spanning over 10 years, Polish death metal quartet Doombringer return with Walpurgis Fires.

This release comes five years after their first full-length, The Grand Sabbath, and it continues from where their debut left off. There is nothing particularly new or necessarily unique, but the album is sonically gripping. I don’t have a vast array of information about Doombringer, but what I do know is that they are potent musicians. Walpurgis Fires is thick, heavy, fast and chaotic death metal. Their energy is evinced with confidence and full abandon on all of the tracks.

Songs like “Sworn to Malice” or “Walpurgis” deliver twisted and technical riffs, labyrinthine song structures with a hint of melody, furious leads, varied drumming, and nefarious vocals, occasionally reminding me of Immolation. “Agenda del Aquelaire” is somewhat faster and more furious with a blend of chunky riffs. There is a ritual element to “Samhain Melancholia” and from here the death machine winds out of control where the feeling becomes deranged.

After a few rounds of listening to Doombringer‘s Walpurgis Fires, it leaves the listener smoldering.

Walpurgis Fires is out April 15 on Nuclear War Now! Productions. Pre-order it here!

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