Don Tardy Talks Obituary, New Album And Kitties In New Interview


Don Tardy Talks Obituary, New Album And Kitties In New Interview

Obituary. They are to death metal what Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are to rap. OG. Original motherfucking gangsters.

Obituary are a “ground zero” band for the sound that is Florida death metal. No one quite knows why Florida became the birthplace of of the genre. It might explain why tens of thousands of old people head there to live out their last days on earth. Then they inconvenience their families by making them fly to Fort Myers for the funeral. Thanks, Grandma!

Forty-seven-year-old Donald Tardy, drummer of the aforementioned Obituary, can still bring it behind the kit like someone more than half his age. He is the crippling, crushing force driving the band after nearly 35 years. Plus, Don has the coolest beard in metal. Sorry, Scott Ian.
SkullsNBones caught up with Don just before the release of the new album, and we had the opportunity to chat with him about Obituary, the release, and, last but not least, saving kitties.Obituary Promo 2

Mr. Tardy … How are you, sir?
I’m good, man. Thank you.

So, obviously I have to start by talking about the new self-titled album.Excited about it?
Absolutely! It all came together writing and recording-wise once we started the process. We’ve been doing it long enough now that we know what works for us.

And reviews across the board positive and excited for it.
Definitely nice to see. We’re very proud of the album and we can’t wait for people to hear it.

People are saying it’s as good as your first record, Slowly We Rot, hailed by pretty much everyone as one of the best death metal albums ever.
Well, I guess that means we’re getting our second wind at almost 50 years old and can sound like when we were teenagers again.

Could you ever have imagined 35 years ago you’d be doing it for 35 years?
Hell, no! You’re that age you might have the dream of making it big when you’re laying in bed at night, but to think it would be a career? Never.

Not to mention that’s 35 years with your brother, John (vocals). Ever present issues professionally or personally?
Of course. We’re completely different people now at this age than we were when the band started. We’re older. We have families. We have lives that require the bills get paid at the end of the day. We’re not rich rock stars. Hell, my brother doesn’t even own a pair of long pants!

Any particular reason the new album is simply Obituary?
I think it was meant to simply stand as a statement of who we are as a band at this time. Plus, it has that great cover that didn’t need any fancy title.

My editor, Jamie Lee, is curious about a release that’s available on Bandcamp with a track off of the new record, “Ten Thousand Ways to Die,” along with 13 live tracks. How did that come about because it’s a pretty amazing thing to do and a great listen.
Thanks. You know, it’s just so easy to get a good live recording these days from the boards for so little money, it’s a no-brainer to record everything. Then, why have it if no one will ever hear it, so we picked some of our favorite versions of songs at different shows and got them out to the fans. And, Bandcamp is a great avenue for bands to do that.

OK, before we go… I have to ask about the rescue work you do for cats where you live, Metal Meowlisha.
Sure. It’s a program where we trap, neuter, and return cats back out so at least they won’t be breeding.

That’s great.
We also treat any sick or injured animals. These are feral cats and it takes a great effort to capture them and help keep their population down here in Florida.

Well, the new album is amazing,. Out on the road with Kreator for some dates then out on your own and some festivals in Europe. 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for Obituary.
Absolutely! We can’t wait for the record to be out and then out on the road live.

The new self-titled album is available now on Relapse Records (buy it here), and make motherfucking sure you see Obituary if they play near you.

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