Don Jamieson - Cover

Don Jamieson is one funny dude.

An avid metalhead and former host of That Metal Show, Jamieson started his career working at MTV while cutting his teeth on stage doing stand-up comedy. He has released a handful of CDs and worked on several TV shows since those early days, even winning an Emmy for his work on Inside the NFL. And although he may not be a “household” name, if you have a mullet and dig Maiden, you know who he is.

Jamieson is set to release his new comedy album, Communication Breakdown, on Friday via Metal Blade Records.  It features a hilarious performance recorded at The Funny Stop in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and he has released the track “Weed, Cigs, Election 2016.” Streams of this track and “Keifer” are available below.

Once the laughs subside, pre-order Communication Breakdown here.


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