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Dog Tired: “The Electric Abyss” Album Review


Dog Tired: “The Electric Abyss” Album Review

Riffs? You want riffs? You got ’em! You get motherfucking riffs up your motherfucking bungholes from motherfucking Dog Tired on their motherfucking new album, The Electric Abyss, you motherfucking metalheads!!

Our next contestants climbing into the heavy metal Thunderdome that is the Skullsbones/Steel Panther search for best of the badass bands around the world are Dog Tired. Another killer band from Scotland is making me think that the hardcore scene in the land of haggis and kilts could be on the brink of blowing up the music scene in metal. Why? Because Dog Tired are fucking contenders.

The Electric Abyss is the culmination of a 14-year career and should make these guys stars. For starters? Absolutely great album artwork. The cover is gorgeous. Yeah, screwheads! Gorgeous! It’s so sexy I want to take it out behind the bleachers and get it pregnant. Inside are nine of some the heaviest, riff-laden songs put out in 2019. After a decade and a half, Dog Tired know how to write a song. This is no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners heavy metal. When William Wallace was fighting the English, the Scots should have attacked with Dog Tired as their battle band.

Lead singer Chris Thomson makes Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth sound like Justin Bieber. Luke Jameson on guitar is a one-man assault team on the six-strings. And, like a sonic bulldozer, the rhythm section of drummer Keef Blakie and Barry Bucahan on bass grind through your earholes like diamond drillbits. Some major A-list band would be mighty smart to get these guys on tour with them real soon.

I’ve heard a lot of bands so far in this contest but without a doubt, Dog Tired are the heaviest and most polished and professional band I have had the pleasure of discovering … so far.

The Electric Abyss is out now. Buy it here!

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Dog Tired - The Electric Abyss - Promo

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