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Dividium: "In Terrifying Colour" Album Review

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Dividium: "In Terrifying Colour" Album Review

Since their inception in 2013, Yorkshire-based melodic technical metal five-piece Dividium have slowly but surely been making a name for themselves within the UK. This was to be solidified by the release of their debut album, The Scourge, and now with latest offering, In Terrifying Colour. A band that has always been proud to take on the DIY approach in terms of funding, distribution and self-releasing their own records, Dividium know the meaning of hard graft. That said, they also appreciate the importance of not taking themselves too seriously and that’s very much evident within their humour-laden promotional videos and indeed if you actually spend any amount of time with the band.

The brand new release features singles “Eternity,” “In Terrifying Colour,” “330,” and “The Chaos Engine,” and is said to be based on the concept of conflicting emotions. The stand out track on the release is undoubtedly the bouncy “Eternity” with a huge, crowd-pleasing opening riff. Very much reminiscent of early Periphery, the track provides a platform for all of the members to shine, from Danny Stevenson‘s grooving bass lines right through to Peter Delaney and Ethan Tomlinson‘s crunchy riffs and solos. The album really dives into prog-heaven, though, within the title track, which is nothing short of a true feast for the ears. Generally slow in pace and packed with bone-shakingly heavy bass and drums, fans of the genre will find little to complain about here.

Sonically, In Terrifying Colour is much tighter from “Eternity” onwards, where it feels like the quintet truly come into their own. What I personally love about this sophomore effort is how it crosses over many genres. The band still leave room for more; there’s still just that small something missing, but I have no doubt they’ll find it within their next release. For a band who are essentially completely DIY, In Terrifying Colour is a pretty sterling effort.

In Terrifying Colour was self-released and is out now. Buy it here!

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