Dino Cazares On The Next Fear Factory Album, New Label Home And More!


Dino Cazares On The Next Fear Factory Album, New Label Home And More!

HUGE Fear Factory news is here! Riff legend, Dino Cazares, was recently interviewed by SiriusXM’s Jose Mangin for Revolver Magazine, and gave us a ton of exciting updates on the band’s status right now! Dino revealed that the band has signed with Nuclear Blast Entertainment, is entering the studio next month to track their new album and more! Check out excerpts of the chat below, and read the entire interview with Dino at Revolver Magazine!

When asked about the status of Fear Factory, Dino replied, “We have a lot of songs written and we’re finishing the writing, which we’re almost done with. We’re scheduled to go in next month, October, with Rhys Fulber, who is gonna produce it, and Andy Sneap, who is gonna mix it.

On the new label home, Dino gave this HUGE announcement: “We’re on Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Monte was the guy that signed us at Roadrunner back in 1992, and then to come full circle working with him in 2014 feels very good because, you know, me and Monte were very tight and making all those classic Fear Factory records, we’ve been through ups and downs together. We saw the best points and the low points of making those records together. It feels good to be back with him because if anybody understands what we’ve been through and what we’ve accomplished, it’s him.

On the direction of the new material: “Well, each one of our records are so different from each other–you know, it still sounds like Fear Factory, there’s still the killer guitar picking, the killer drum beats, Burt’s beautiful vocals on the top of it, you know, that’s all still very much intact, but you always have to try and experiment and push your music to different places, you know what I mean? From Soul of a New Machine to Demanufacture is a big jump, and Demanufacture is obviously so different. I would have to say this record would land somewhere between Demanufacture and Obsolete.

HOLY SHIT! So not only are the guys entering the studio next month, but they’ve get a new label home as well! Plus, did you read that last sentence? The new stuff would land somewhere between Demanufacture and Obsolete?!?! BRING IT THE FUCK ON! Stay tuned as more details are sure to come out soon! I CAN’T WAIT!