Ever since I first witnessed Diamond Plate in concert three years ago in Atlanta, they quickly have become one of my favorite bands in the scene. Their live energy is absolutely insane, and they have the recorded material behind them now to back it up. They released their latest effort, “Pulse,” last year, and this album absolutely has it all. You get the old school thrash feel thrown into your face, but they also brought in new melodic tracks for the first time, and it makes for an incredible listen from start to finish. They play metal the right way, and there’s nothing else that needs to be said!

At the kickoff show of their current U.S. tour(our review and live photos are here), I got to sit down with the guys for a chat about the new record, the new vocalist, future touring, their love for solos, and even their love for “Lulu!” Obviously the drinking had already commenced, but it makes for an entertaining interview! Check it out below and support the great Diamond Plate on the road today!



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