Earlier this week we learned the exciting news that Coal Chamber has signed with Napalm Records, and that a new record is on it’s way. Front man, Dez Fafara, said this on the upcoming music, “We’ve evolved and so has the music, from the demo music I’ve heard you’re gonna sink your TEETH into this!” So when can we expect to hear new material? What’s the status of Devildriver? We have your answers!

Dez recently called into SiriusXM Liquid Metal and gave Jose Mangin these answers below!

On the return of Coal Chamber: “You know, over the years we just started talking and hanging out, and from there we decided to take it around the world and on a tour, and it went really well. Everywhere we would go crowds were coming out in force, and from there it would come to guys slipping me demoes silently, without anyone really knowing and I loved the stuff. It was evolved, we have evolved, and the music has evolved. And when I heard a couple of the songs I said, “Man, this could be legitimately really cool.” So we signed with Napalm Records, they’ll be our partner in this. The guys have been writing solid, they’ve been writing for a month now, I got two more songs last night so we have nine, looking to write 25 and then narrow it down a little with Mark Lewis producing. They’re looking to track in October and I’m tracking vocals in November and we’re hoping to be done, mixed, and mastered in January and get it out to people next year.

On the future of DevilDriver: “That’s my baby. The record is still performing well on the charts. Thanks to everybody for coming out to our last shows–the shows that we did were killer. The Whitechapel run was incredible, and we’re getting ready to go to Australia with Whitechapel in September and the we’re going to come back and play the Knotfest in California, with DevilDriver, and we’re going to end the ‘Winter Kills’ cycle there and regroup and hope for a record in 2016.

There you have it! New Coal Chamber will be out next year and new DevilDriver in 2016! Get stoked!

Via Revolver Magazine

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