Devouring Star: “The Arteries Of Heresy” Album Review

Strangely enough, I was involved in quite a nice conversation with a Finnish guitarist when I posted a meme about Finnish forest rangers having to rescue black metal bands from getting lost. Apparently, Finland is indeed quite a hot spot for the ongoing black metal scene, and yes, the young ones enjoy rehearsing in the woods. At any rate, Devouring Star are among the Finnish black metal legion, and The Arteries of Heresy is labyrinthine, emotive, fairly well-written and pushes for contemplation.

“Consummation” is characteristic of immense anger exploding, and at the same time creating hypnotic passages. “Sin Assimilation” and “Scar Inscriptions” submerge the listener in gradually tangled webs of misery, the sounds of chaos incarnate that is both murky and tumultous. We continue on the black metal dissonance with “Her Divine Arteries,” a little over eight minutes of middling riffs and forlorn ambience.

Devouring Star‘s The Arteries of Heresy is a decent, otherworldly output that definitely wasn’t recorded in a forest. Production wise, it is raw to the bone and keeps all elements quite balanced and fairly audible with the exception of slight muddiness to the vocals.

The Arteries of Heresy is out now on Dark Descent Records. Buy it here!

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Devouring Star - Promo - 2018

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