Devildriver Release Teaser For “Outlaws ‘Til The End”


Devildriver Release Teaser For “Outlaws ‘Til The End”

Heavy metal and country music have intersected on many occasions, with prominent artist like Hank Williams III, Phil Anselmo, and David Vincent espousing their love for both genres.

The latest to echo this sentiment are Devildriver who have enlisted Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell, Hank3, John Carter Cash, and more for Outlaws ‘Til the End which will be released on July 6 via Napalm Records.

Devildriver‘s Dez Fafara writes:

I think real music has always gotten to me, whether it’s the blues or even real Goth music like Bauhaus and Sisters Of Mercy, as well as outlaw country greats like Johnny Cash, Wayne “The Train” Hancock, and Willie Nelson. That stuff has always attracted me, and this is absolutely the real McCoy. The blues and outlaw country are what made rock n’ roll. They were around before rock n’ roll… and in my head, I’ve always heard these songs heavy.

Watch a teaser for Devildriver‘s Outlaws ‘Til the End below and stay tuned for pre-order information.

Devildriver - Outlaws til the End - Cover