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Devil Worshipper: “Music for the Endtimes” Album Review


Devil Worshipper: “Music for the Endtimes” Album Review

Described as primitve black n’ roll, Devil Worshipper is a project created by Matron Thorn, who is also involved with Aevangelist, Death Fetishist and Praeternatura. Music for Endtimes features contributing vocals by Fr.A.A. (from Portugal’s Tod Huetet Uebel) and female vocalist Erethe Arashiel. Matron Thorn combines elements of old school black metal with various industrial and trance influences. Music for the Endtimes contains a whole lot of devilishness, the kind that could see this music performed at a burned out, abandoned church.

From the outset, “Ablutions” begins with a summoning to the Dark Lord, an entrance to a black mass. Monstrous, demonic vocals and torturous, horrible rhythms grate nerve endings on “Spiritual Immanifest” and “Harlot Flesh.” A mix of all that is ghastly and vile culminate in “Fornicating Angel” which is truly kvlt and not for the weak of heart. My pick is “Throat of the False Prophet” with its rich, classic black metal patterns. Unorthodox, dissonant sounds add more variety and intensity to Devil Worshipper‘s heinous deliverance.

Music for the Endtimes is out December 14 on I, Voidhanger Records. Buy it here!

Devil Worshipper - Promo - 2018

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