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Detherous: “Hacked To Death” Album Review


Detherous: “Hacked To Death” Album Review

With the onslaught of reviews pouring in from our northern neighbors, I am starting to believe that Canada has become quite a hotbed for heavy metal. I suppose the cold, beautiful atmosphere lends itself to a wellspring of creativity. From glam to extreme, what I am hearing is undoubtedly massive. From the category of death/thrash, Detherous have a debut entitled Hacked to Death that they have created with a monstrous attack; sleek, modern sounding stuff, played with energy and relentless, pedal-to-the-floor pace.

The production on Hacked to Death is bass-heavy, loud, and clear, but still thoroughly organic. This music needs to be not just enjoyed but understood. Each song is aggressively immediate yet lasting, persuading almost incessant repeat listening to grasp just how each part forms the greater whole. Transitions are uniformly flawless. Each riff is superb individually but far better within the structure they thrive in. Damon’s vocals are a brilliant synthesis of early death and more extreme thrash, and he ebbs and flows in a way that sounds more primal than planned.

The title track  is as abrasive as it is smooth flowing, riffs wrapping their icy tendrils around the listener. Detherous‘ abrasive and harsh stories evoke an enticing, dark dream. The soaring style and the sting of the guitars continue to give weight to each number.

It’s good to see thrash is still alive and thriving.

Hacked to Death is out August 17 on Redefining Darkness Records. Buy it here!

Detherous - Hacked to Death - Promo

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