Desalmado, "Desalmado" Album Review!Hailing from Brazil-I expected to hear some Sepultura influence here-and I am not disappointed!  These guys take grind/thrash to the next level.  This disc is brutal. From the beginning of the first song, “Sem Nome” you know what you are in for; true in-your-face metal with a little punk attitude mixed in for good measure.

Desalmado have proven themselves in their native country and have toured Europe in the past.  This band is just getting their roots and are poised to take the world in their fist.  This group of very talented musicians has taken a huge step toward that goal with this disc.  Production, handled by former Sepultura drummer Jean Dolabella, is flawless.  The disc sounds great and never fails to leave the brutality intact.

The only complaint I have is that the entire disc is in Spanish.  This is just my opinion, but if a group really wants to have worldwide acceptance, they have to sing in English.  I really would like to know the message and what they are trying to say in each song-but since I don’t speak Spanish, I can’t get that message.

Falso Profeta” and “Anticristo” are by far my favorites on the disc.   “Falso Profeta” is a galloping, thrashy song with a chorus that will stay in your head for days to come!  I just wish I knew what he was saying!

Overall I really enjoyed the journey from beginning to end of this 15 song, 31 minute disc.  Very cool feel.  Would I by it?…Probably not…for the simple reason of vocals not in English.

Release date is July 31 on Greyhaze Records

3/5 stars