DEMON HUNTER INTERVIEW BY METAL MARK!Demon Hunter will be releasing their new record, “True Defiance”, on April 10th! Everyone I know that has heard this record has said that it’s something special! The word’s life changing and mind blowing were used more than once! I’m stoked! Demon Hunter is out to make a statement and “True Defiance” will do just that when it hits stores next month! Get ready and pre-order your copy now!

I recently got to throw some questions about the new record to their vocalist Ryan Clark and you can read the result below in my latest interview! Support this great band!

“True Defiance” will be hitting stores next month and the buzz about the album is huge! How ready are you to finally get the album into fans hands?

I can’t wait for fans to hear it! We’ve put a lot of hard work into each and every aspect of this record and we’re extremely proud of it. We’re really interested to see how people react.

You’ve already released the tracks “Someone To Hate” and “My Destiny” to the world and the songs are absolutely incredible. Do these songs best represent what we can expect from the record?

I think these songs are a very solid representation of the new record. They display an element of the classic Demon Hunter blueprint, but also show how far we’ve evolved in recent years. They’re like DH on steroids.

With that said, the record is just as varied as any DH record… there are relentlessly heavy songs with little to no vocal melody, there are songs with a good mix of heaviness and melody, and slower songs that really showcase the diversity of the band. It’s always been a priority for us to explore a wide range of styles on each record, as long as the album flows well as a whole. I think it’s important for records to have peaks and valleys.

One thing that Demon Hunter is known for is your sick album artwork and the “True Defiance” cover is just awesome! Some bands seem to care less and less about the artwork, so why is it still important to you?

Well, I’m as much a visual artist as I am a musician. I’ve been a professional graphic designer for over 11 years, and I’ve been heavily involved in some form of visual arts as far back as I can remember. From day one, the aesthetic element of the band has been an absolute priority- it’s a priority in anything I do, but the band is a great platform for it. I think image is an important counterpart to any piece of music, whether that’s through a music video, album package, photo shoot, stage performance, etc. It helps to expand the story. I will never understand musicians that care about the music alone and neglect every other opportunity to be artistic.

Demon Hunter has also released incredible videos throughout your career and I was wondering if you have any videos lined up for the new CD?

Absolutely. Videos are important to Demon Hunter because they allow us to really expand on our vision. Any opportunity to be creative outside of the music itself, we’ll jump on. And with the members living so far apart from one another, videos give us the opportunity to hang out more often. I’m hoping to do several videos for this release.

The deluxe edition of “True Defiance” includes several bonuses for the fans. I’m especially excited to hear the live acoustic songs! Do you have any plans of doing an acoustic tour in the future or throwing some acoustic songs in upcoming tours to change it up a bit?

We’ve kicked around the idea of doing a full acoustic tour, and at this point we have enough mellow songs to fill out a nice set, but there are no plans to do so yet. We have done a number of acoustic performances in the past, usually at places like record stores. They’re actually really fun because the atmosphere is so much different. It’s very candid and intimate. We’re hoping to line up a couple acoustic performances for the new record, just after it’s released.

Speaking of upcoming tours, what is the tour schedule looking like for 2012 and beyond. Do you have plans to hit anywhere special?

Right now our only concrete plan is a show in Seattle on April 27th, immediately followed by a week in Europe with Deadlock, Nightrage and Insense- going to Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the UK. We are planning on hitting more of the US this year, but those plans are still under construction.

You recently stated that the new record will “turn the heads of those who have ignored us for the past decade.” I’ve always felt that Demon Hunter was a well known and relevant metal band, so who’s been ignoring you guys? Do you still feel you have something to prove after all these years?

I think most bands feel the need to prove themselves. Everyone wants to make a record that will appeal to a certain type of person… and depending on the band, that could be a very specific, tight-knit group of like-minded individuals, and for others, the desired demographic is anyone and everyone. We fall somewhere in the middle. I definitely don’t expect everyone to understand and appreciate what Demon Hunter does… but I think there are a lot of people that would really love the band if they gave it an honest chance.

I guess what I’m talking about specifically is metal fans that have pre-conceived ideas about bands you might consider “Christian.” But I also think most of these people will make an exception if the band is extraordinary. Think of how Johnny Cash has completely transcended the stigma of “Christian artist.” – now maybe shrink that down into the metal world, specifically. I think it’s a healthy challenge to think this way as an artist- it’s the drive that makes you want to do something amazing.

One thing that is a staple of the band is the mixture of clean and screaming vocals. This seems to be a lost art in the metal scene today, and I was wondering if you felt that same way?

I’d say the method itself isn’t lost, but yes, the art of it is. I hear a lot of modern metal bands trying to incorporate singing into heavy songs, but 90% of the time it just falls flat… singing just to sing. There’s no hook, it’s not powerful or enthralling… it sounds like they’re doing it for diversity’s sake (or trend’s sake) alone, but it’s not actually adding anything to the song. I think the reason for this is that these bands are usually just influenced by each other… so they write bland material. When I write a vocal melody, I’m more likely to be influenced by Depeche Mode or Prince or classic rock before anything metal. This helps DH to stand out from your average sing/scream metal band.

A lot of people seem to talk negatively about the scene these days, illegal downloading, trends,etc, but I was hoping you could bring us some positivity! What do you feel is a really great thing about the scene today?

You’re asking this of a fairly bitter individual. Haha… but I guess I got my rant out in the last question.

I would say the most positive thing about the scene these days, given our technological advancements, is the reach that a band has, and the accessibility to its fans (and potential listeners). Though there are aspects of the internet (and the digital age in general) that I think have damaged the music industry, there’s no denying its ability to connect bands with their fans in the simplest, quickest, and most effective fashion.

I’ll leave this open to you. Any words for the fans out there?

Thank you to all of our fans- The Hunters, The Blessed Resistance, the troops… everyone else that has stuck by us over the years- you have made it possible for us to keep this thing going for the last decade and into the future. This record is for you!

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