Decaying: “One To Conquer” Album Review By Jamie Lee!


Decaying: “One To Conquer” Album Review By Jamie Lee!

It’s a common practice for musicians to open an album with a bang, but Finland’s Decaying opt for a more mysterious approach. “Frequent Wind,” the kick-off track on One to Conquer, sounds more like mainstream hard rock, but this dissipates gradually amid the emerging rumble of blast beats. When Matias Nastolin’s growl emerges, it is clear that the mainstream isn’t Decaying’s scene.

Unfortunately, One to Conquer struggles to break free from death metal’s trappings, but when it does, it is due to atypical instrumentation that goes beyond the obligatory blasts and chainsaw chugs. The title track surprises with a flurry of innovative riffs that bolster the driving rhythms, and “The Balance of Power,” complete with its anthemic opening solo, demonstrates Decaying’s mastery of tension and release.

One to Conquer marks Decaying’s fourth release in as many years, and while the tried-and-true traits of death metal color this album, it is their ability to stoke the mix until it burns bright orange that differentiates them from others of their ilk.

One to Conquer is out now on Hellthrasher Productions.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars