Deathless Legacy: “Rituals Of Black Magic” Album Review


Deathless Legacy: “Rituals Of Black Magic” Album Review

Haling from the beautiful land of Italy, a mecca for many things art and literature, come horror metal band Deathless Legacy who are delivering their fourth full-length, Rituals of Black Magic. This concept album about ancient black magic rituals is described as an occult grimoire of sorts.

In 2015, Deathless Legacy won the Italian installment of the Wacken Metal Battle, earning them the opportunity to perform at Wacken Open Air. Being a visual person, I checked out their performance at Wacken on YouTube, and I was duly impressed, considering that a band is unable to incorporate so many theatrics at such a large metal fest.

This led me to their video for the song “Dominus Inferi” (the closing track on the album) with its imagery that fits perfectly with the doom sound of the guitars and drums. Steva’s voice is rich and melodic, and the video brings to light the evil that lurks within each person, although many don’t always realize it.

The rest of the album is an enjoyable experience. “The Grimoire “ is an insidious intro setting the scene for the release’s nefarious intent. Key into the songs “Vigor Mortis” and “Bloodbath,” and note Steva’s heavier vocals and the band’s passionate performance. On the track “Ars Goetia,” Alex van Eden creates layers of dark ambiance on the keyboard.

Visit their web site and read the tales written by the members. The stories are in Italian but with a decent translation app, they will engage you with their creativity. If you can imagine a mix of Nightwish, Cradle of Filth, and Black Sabbath, that is the atmosphere of Deathless Legacy‘s Rituals of Black Magic.

Rituals of Black Magic is out January 19 on Scarlet Records. Buy it here!

Deathless Legacy - Promo - 2018