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Death Yell: “Descent Into Hell” Album Review


Death Yell: “Descent Into Hell” Album Review

Hey, Tom Araya and Kerry King! Remember when Slayer sounded like this? Death Yell broke up for 20 years, got back together, and are now releasing a record that wipes it’s South American butt with Repentless!

South America. Goddamn, you guys can put out some ass-scorching thrash metal! Formed in the late ’80s and broken up by 1991, Death Yell are back after two fucking decades with Descent Into Hell, and it delivers everything the title promises. Their hasn’t been a thrash record like this in so long, it’s like a breath of fetid Hades air to hear songs like this again.

“Cries of the Nazarene,” “Macabre Fuckfeast,” and the title track are just amazingly perfect. Hell yeah, Death Yell. Thank you so fucking much for getting back together.

Descent Into Hell is out August 15 on Hells Headbangers. Pre-order it here!

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