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Although I now live in New York, my undying love and support will always lie within the Atlanta metal scene. Growing up in it, and fully diving into promotion for the past decade was a true honor, because Atlanta has a ton of talent that the world needs to hear. One of those bands is Death Of Kings. The best way I can describe their sound is if Iron Maiden and Skeletonwitch had a baby, it would be named Death Of Kings. In other words, they have a unique blend of the old school and new school metal, and it will kick your ass. Now they have a new lineup, new 7″ and new tour dates starting next week! I got to send my friends some questions about their history, the new release, the future and more, and the exclusive interview is below! Plus, check these guys out live on their upcoming run in the South! Those dates are here too, and they are a MUST SEE show! Support them NOW!

MM- Death Of Kings is growing into a household name in the Atlanta local metal scene. Talk about the past few years and what the future holds for you guys.

Amos: After having a bit of a revolving door line up in the early going, things seemed to have solidified after our 2012 tour behind the Crushed Beneath the Steel EP.

Scott: Totally. Original lead guitarist Steve left the group around the same time original bassist Ash approached us about rejoining the band, so I moved to rhythm guitar and now Matt shreds and sings.

Matt: The band’s dynamic has definitely changed for the better. Hearing the new songs come together, I’m super into where all this is going. We’re looking forward to writing and recording material for a potential full length, hitting the road and continuing to get our name out there.

MM- You’ve release a new 7″ that is pure thrash gold. What was the reason of releasing a 7″ instead of the traditional EP or full length right now?

Scott: For me, vinyl is king and will always be. We’d done a couple CDs and a split tape previously, and definitely wanted to cover all formats. Besides, a glow in the dark 7” is just about the coolest thing we could press our stuff onto.

Amos: Part of our reasoning was due to the amazing work Sam Leyja is doing with Boris Records right now. He’s putting his heart and soul into several amazing Atlanta metal bands’ records, and we were lucky enough to be the sixth in what will hopefully be a long run of incredible releases.

Matt: We’d also had these songs ready to go for long enough, putting these out as a 7” enables us to take our time getting new jams solid with this line-up, and I think it’s working in our favor. I think these two songs really represent the band well and frees us up to focus on writing the next record.

MM- You have the upcoming tour dates in the South, but when can others around America expect to have Death Of Kings thrashing in front of their faces?

Matt: Soon, we hope. We’ve got some northeast dates in the works and plan on spending more time on the road in the coming months.

Amos: We’ll be invading New York & Philly in mid-June (6/13 in Brooklyn @ the Acheron and 6/14 in Philly @ the Farm), and are working on a trip down to Florida, with our sights set on heading west after that.

MM- Over the past few years you’ve played with bands like Mastodon, Skeletonwitch, Morbid Angel and others. Do you have a favorite show so far or are there too many to name?

Scott: Definitely D.R.I. for me. I’m a huge fan, and Harold played my bass rig that night – a huge nerd moment for me. Morbid Angel was our record release show, so it was memorable for several reasons. We were the only non-death metal band on the bill, but we raged like crazy that night, and everybody had a blast.

Matt: Tough call for me, we had some wild blowouts and raged hard over the years, but do I remember those shows? Hell no! Being able to play with such high caliber bands, both old and new, is totally awesome and inspiring, but there’s something about playing those small shows where everybody gets wild and it’s just so raw and furious.

MM- When it comes to success for a band, everyone has their own definition. For you, what would it mean for Death Of Kings to be successful?

Scott: Getting to put out a full length record on someone else’s dime would rule, for sure. I don’t expect to pay all of my bills from metal, but if we could make enough to cover our practice space rent, that would be epic – I’m a simple man.

Matt: I for one would like to see how far we can go with this band. I’m super stoked with the guys we have and the direction it’s going these days is incredibly exciting.

Amos: As long as I can play music and be happy doing it, I’m already way ahead. Everything else that comes along with is an awesome bonus.

MM- As with myself, you are not only a major band in Atlanta, but a huge supporter of the Atlanta metal scene. Talk about some of the favorite bands, venues, etc, to get people down to Atlanta to check it out.

Scott: Boris bros Spewtilator, Disfigurement, Sadistic Ritual, and Mangled all rule, but outside of that there are endless other awesome bands. Dropout, Wolves & Jackals, WITHERED, Lazer/Wulf, too many to count. Atlanta’s also truly lucky to have a bunch of great venues, as well, the Earl, Star Bar, Wonderoot and the Basement immediately come to mind as my favorites.

Matt: Atlanta’s scene is pretty rad. Sure, just like any city it’s got its share of problems, but there’s some great bands that come out of here. Boris records has released some of the best up and coming bands, hands down, and it’s really an honor to be a part of that.

MM- Any final words to the fans out there?

Matt: Thanks to everybody who’s ever supported us! You guys rule!

Scott: We have some of the best fans out there and would be happy to play for anyone that will have us, anywhere.

Amos: Thanks again Mark, and see you in New York!

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