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CRYPT Release Debut Single “Death Makes a Holiday”


CRYPT Release Debut Single “Death Makes a Holiday”

Hella fresh video right here from Louisiana alternative hardcore band CRYPT. “Fresh” as in, this is their first single. “Fresh” as in, they have less than 1,000 likes on their Facebook band page at the time of this writing.

The promo we received described CRYPT as suitable for fans of Chevelle and Rage Against the Machine, which are odd comparisons to draw to a hardcore band, but I can kinda hear it …

Rage makes sense as an influence, as you can definitely hear the lead guitarist taking a page from Tom Morello‘s book on “How To Make Guitars Sound Synthy.” The Chevelle influence is a little harder to pin down unless you’re talking about the Bernardini-era. The guitar and bass use this slick kind of stomp-dancing, dick-swinging rhythm reminiscent of the harder tracks from Hats Off To The Bull and The North Corridor.

The drums and vocals assure that you are in fact listening to hardcore, however. Other influences include Letlive, Vanna, and Strayed From The Path.

Check these guys out and show some love if you’re feelin’ it.