Death On Fire: “Witch Hunter” Album Review


Death On Fire: “Witch Hunter” Album Review

Death on Fire is a solo, melodic death/thrash metal project created by multi-instrumentalist Tim Kenefic. He previously self-released the Covered in Blood EP, and a compilation entitled LazerWulf Demos. Now, he is releasing his latest work and his first full-length, Witch Hunter.

It took several listens in order for me to garnish a good taste of what Kenefic is trying to infer on Witch Hunter. It is angry and aggressive with some hints of punk and hardcore, and I respect the fact that he is multi-talented and that  it is no small feat to produce your own album, let alone getting the instrumentation proper. The drumming is full of thunderous kicks, and the guitar and bass riffs are fairly well displayed. That said, I was challenged by the vocals which sound too raw; however, when you create your own art, you parlay what you want to put out there. “Your Lies” and “Make the Old Ways New Again” are the better tracks on this album.

As I have said before, some music really shines more when heard live, and perhaps Death on Fire and the tracks on Witch Hunter will be a similar case.

Witch Hunter will be independently release on February 2. Buy it here!

Death on Fire - Promo - 2018