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Death Comes Crawling: “Looking For Semblance” Album Review


Death Comes Crawling: “Looking For Semblance” Album Review

Death Comes Crawling is a one-person project of Dis Pater (Midnight Odyssey, Dissvarth, The Crevices Below). In fact, the band name originated from a Midnight Odyssey song.

With a hint of black metal and huge influences of ’80s synth, dark wave, new wave and goth, Looking for Semblance, the band’s newest release, is exceptionally unique. I am by no means knowledgeable about darkwave, but I once had a compilation called This is Gothic that I would toss in to give my brain a little break from the other metal genres I typically prefer.

Looking for Semblance has a Bauhaus meets Nine Inch Nails feel to it. I could see this being played in a dark industrial/fetish-type club. The album has a sinister feel, but it is uplifting and will get you moving in the proper setting. “Usurper or Saviour” and “Close Your Eyes” stand out with their undulating rhythms and flourishing synth compositions.

Death Comes Crawling‘s Looking for Semblance is a nice way to venture off into a different realm. It’s always like a visit to a strange city, but in the end, you know you can go home.

Looking for Semblance is out now on I, Voidhanger Records. Buy it here!

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