Death Angel fans rejoice! The legendary thrash metal band has revealed that their new album, “The Dream Calls for Blood,” will be coming out on October 15th via Nuclear Blast Records! What can we expect? Guitarist Rob Cavestany said this on the new material, “The Dream Calls for Blood is the wicked stepsister to our last album, Relentless Retribution – but even more cruel and sinister than her! It’s the first time we connected two records – created and produced by the same team in the same studio as ‘RR’, yet this release is more furious… probably because so much of it was written on the road. Brent did an amazing job with the cover art, again capturing the natural brutality of the hunted becoming the hunter… as territorial instinct turns into bloodlust! Down to the last detail, his art depicts a visual that matches our music and lyrics – making a complete package that we are so proud of! Can’t wait for you all to hear, see and feel it. Now we prepare to bring it live!

OH HELL YES! The legends also revealed the amazing cover artwork for the album, once again done by Brent Elliot White, and we have it for you below! New Death Angel IS COMING PEOPLE!!! GET FUCKING EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!



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