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Deadfreight Of Soul: “Tortured Puppets” Album Review


Deadfreight Of Soul: “Tortured Puppets” Album Review

From the ancient city of Augsburg, Bavaria, Deadfreight of Soul unleash Tortured Puppets. Originally formed in 2007, this death metal quintet features Flo R on lead guitar, Flo H on rhythm guitar, Jacob On drums, Stephan on bass guitar, and vocalist Andi.

The intro song, “Exorcism,” is just what it states, complete with a demon-possessed person spewing forth curses. “Angeli Apostatae” delivers blast beats and beastly growls. “Strain Relief” features crunching guitar and bass riffs, and I appreciate the cyclical drumming beats on “Grautoene.” One standout is “Under Sentence of Death”with its crescendo of bass/guitar fretwork paired with a continuum of devilish drumming, including a notable downward tone in the midst of the song. “Imbalance” evokes immediate energy with something almost tribal midway through. “Delusion or Reality” has a haunting intro, as if walking into a paranormal scene and getting aurally assaulted.

The production on Tortured Puppets is relatively crystalline. You don’t hear a lot of fuzz noise. That said, it’s not particularly original for this genre, although certain elements make it engaging.

Tortured Puppets is out now on Kernkraftritter Records. Buy it here!

Dead Freight of Soul - Promo - 2017