Dead Soul Communion

Daniel Finch, formerly of Devilment and The Devil’s Music, is hands down the MVP of heavy metal. The “M” in “MVP” stands for “Midas touch,” because I am pretty convinced with his latest band, The Dead Soul Communion, he has struck fucking gold once again. Jesus, how is Finch not a freaking superstar millionaire? I’m telling you right now, this album is going to be in my top three for the year.

With another killer lineup of players, Finch has crafted such a pristine, perfect platter of pummeling, punchy tracks that it’s mind-blowing to imagine that the masses might miss out on such a killer record. Within these 11 tracks, he hasn’t only written and delivered a piece of heavy metal art, he’s pretty much given us one of the best rock records in years.

At times, The Dead Soul Communion remind me of one of my favorite (and highly underrated) bands, Mushroomhead. The compositions boast orchestral, soaring vocals and riffs one second, then hammering, chugga-chugga-chugga, grinding, bombastic awesomeness the next.  The first 30 seconds of the opening track, “My Beautiful Mistake” pulls the listener into the album until the very end. With tracks like “The Last Grain Of Sand,” “Masked Deceiver,” and “Empire,” this is one of those records that I would kill to see performed in it’s entirety.

Please, Daniel. For the love of Beelezebub, bring this band to ‘Murica!

The Dead Soul Communion is independently released and is out July 28. Buy it here!

Dead Soul Communion Promo

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