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Dead LabelWhen you hear “Ireland”, what’s the first 3 things that pop into your head? Probably Guinness Beer, Leprechauns and Thin Lizzy. Nuerra Records recent signing of Irish thrash metal band, Dead Label is out to change that. If you thought the Irish music scene was nothing but U2, Thin Lizzy and The Pogues, this trio of young musicians will tear through your misconceptions and your eardrums like a chainsaw on overdrive.

For a three piece, this band kicks out a sound like there’s twice that many musicians playing. Tight, fast and in your face sums up Dead Label live and on record. 2012 saw the release of Sense of Slaughter on Nuerra and and the video for “Self Immolation”. After years of playing everywhere possible in their home country after forming in 2008, this record is just what they need to give them wider recognition worldwide. Consisting of Daniel O’Grady (vocals, bass), Daniel Hall (guitar) and Claire Percival (drums), the three all hail from Celbridge in County Kildare. When asked about the new album, O’Grady replied, “The main theme of Sense Of Slaughter is anger: it’s a very pissed-off record, which backs up its title perfectly. I’m very proud of the songs on this album. We’ve been through a lot as a band – things that would split other bands up – and Sense Of Slaughter is a total middle finger to a lot of people that didn’t believe in us!”

And, if you say to yourself, “A girl drummer? In a THRASH METAL BAND?!?”. Just watch the video and listen to the album. For as pleasing as Percival is to the eyes, her drumsticks beat those drums like they owe her money. At times coming across like a younger angrier version of another great Irish 3 piece, Therapy?, Dead Label shows why they have toured with heavyweights like Machine Head.

They will be spending most of the next 2 months touring Ireland, before hitting the festival circuit this summer, including the Aggressive Music Fest 2013 in the Czech Republic. Here’s hoping they make it to America after that for some dates.